a special mix of technology and art

2kviz studio is a team of people passionate about architecture and visualization. Our approach to visualization and strong communication creates excellent images and gives voice to your projects


We are a small team doing big things! 

2Kviz Studio is a strong team of people passionate about architecture and visualization. We create high-quality images in a structured and effective way. Composition and lighting are the core instruments in our artistic approach to each project. Our goal is to bring out and emphasize the uniqueness of the concept, in other words, to tell its story through the visualization. We always take care of small detailing, to emphasize important aspects of the concept and bring out certain emotions. 

We care about our clients!  

We believe that strong communication with our clients is a core of creation best possible results. We are always open to suggestion and discussions. After finishing and submitting, we carefully archive all projects. Even after a long time after completion, we can go back, revise and recreate updated images whenever it is needed. 


Architectural Visualisation

Visualisation for your projects of various types and scales

Interior visualisation

Visualisation of all types of interior projects, from private houses to big public spaces

Architectural Animation

Creating lively videos to show the project in motion and active life


We can model all kinds of objects, from furniture items and architectural objects to special parametric structures

3D plans

3D plans and sections for your presentations

Presentations and booklets

Creating booklets and presentations united by a graphic style, including architecture and concept diagrams


Our team consists of professionals with architectural and art backgrounds, allowing us to understand the needs and expectations of the project visualizations effectively, minimizing the efforts in the communication and feedback process.


We developed a simple but effective workflow consisting of several steps. Following these steps will ensure mutual understanding with our partners and reach the desired high-quality results most effectively.  

  • We receive initial materials and requirements from you 
  • After evaluation of required work and project materials, we send you a proposal 
  • The first phase is an adjustment of angles - images without materials are prepared to select and approve angles. 
  • The second phase - colored images with materials and all necessary detailing is prepared. This stage includes two tours of commenting. 
  • The third and final phase - you receive final quality images with postproduction. In this stage, we can make some adjustments to post-production if needed. 

Please see our workflow PDF to get more details.